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The history of humanity has always been told by artists through their carvings, drawings, images on pottery, sculptures, paintings, music, poetry and so on. When we want to  learn about ancient China, the Greeks or the Egyptians what do we have left from these periods? The arts!

When we see the money and time that was invested in older architecture like castles, cathedrals, temples and even some massive primitive stone constructions, we can tell that these cultures valued beauty and spirit and put a lot of effort to have that in their lives.

For me it is plain to see that we live in a highly unjust social and economical world that is now also ecologically unsustainable. Big corporations and the few mega rich rule. We are destroying our bodies and our planet with a system that makes no ‘common sense’. As a result and a mirror of our times we get the art that reflects what we value as a society. Some art critics are starting to question the highly conceptual and often absurd art that we have called the contemporary art.

This anthropocene era is challenging the very core of who we are. Many of us are looking for ways to realign ourselves and this includes a shift within the art world.

Some of the questions this podcast will be asking are: Who are the artists who are telling the ‘stories’ of our changing times right now? Which are the paintings, the songs, the theater plays, the books, movies, poetry that will be the mirrors and the catalyst for this pending transformation? What are the values that we want to celebrate when we create our art and curate exhibitions? What are the urgent needs of our society and how can we as art professionals contribute and be part of the solutions?

I hope that you will be inspired by all the conversations and that this platform will become a directory of all the leaders and visionaries of the art world that wish to inspire us and bring beauty and meaning into our lives. As art professionals let’s unite our vision to create a better world. Let’s make it our mission to be fully engaged in co-creating the new paradigm right now.

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