13. Syama Bataillard – Wisdom from a Nomad Artist

Mar 18, 2020Visual Artist0 comments

Syama Bataillard is well-known in France for her work with mandalas. She is a full-time artist and nomad and teaches her knowledge along her travels in European francophone countries like France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Syama is a beautiful example of what a truly accomplished woman is. I admire the way she has put her artistic gifts forward to the service of our world. As a nomad and an artist her life may sound to you that she experiences an exceptional freedom, but wait don’t romanticize too fast. You will see in this interview that her free lifestyle comes with a strong dose of courage and wisdom. The reality is that she is a single mother homeschooling and wandering in a camping car while making a living from her art!

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Transformational Art

Art resources that Syama says we should know about:


Visual Art

Tomasz Alen Kopera https://alenkopera.com/gallery.html)


Horizons intérieurs www.horizons-interieurs.net/musique/cds/relax-danse/




The Red Book by Carl Jung https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Red_Book_(Jung)

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