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I am an artist. I like to create and to paint. Hosting the podcast is an absolute joy but it takes time away from my easel!

There are also costs associated with this adventure: recording equipment, studio rental and monthly fees from hosting platforms.


With your support I can cover these basic costs and hire an assistant to do research, editing and web managing so that I can keep painting!

If you appreciate the content of the podcast, if you like my art and want to support my creative time I invite you to become a patron.

Historically artists were able to survive because of wealthy art lovers.

Today crowdfunding and sites like Patreons help us achieve the same with small contributions starting at $2.

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You can choose different tiers from $2 a month up to $100 a month. Each tier gives you access to exclusive content and most of all to be part of a community of ‘conscious art lovers’. I look forward to meeting you and connecting on the Patreon platform! Check it out by clicking the link below:

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