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The vision of this podcast is to activate discussions around art to participate in creating the new cultural landscape that wants to emerge to support the next step of humanity’s evolution.

Gaia Orion

Host of Gaia's Art Podcast. Artist and Creativity Corporate Coach

Gaia Orion is a successful artist and a certified creativity corporate coach. She has exhibited art in Paris, Moscow, New York, San Francisco and Toronto; as well as in Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Germany, Hungary and Bali. Her art process flourished along with her 20 years of dedication to personal development, mindfulness practices and her advocacy for societal change.

Art has always been a lasting reflection of historical stages since the dawn of humanity. Gaia’s colourful, detailed, harmonious oil paintings are narratives of our personal and collective stories in these present challenging times. She deeply feels the call to return to the natural and the spiritual and that it is an absolute necessity for us as a species to take responsibility in our next evolutionary step. Consequently, the artist is actively engaged with her artwork and has collaborated in many projects worldwide working toward constructive and positive change.

Furthermore, although her themes are universal they also speak more specifically with strong feminine images inviting women to embrace and reconnect to who they are in the full scope of their power and capacities.

Growing up the first seven years of her life, mostly bare foot in Africa, provided Gaia Orion with the foundation for her love of nature and an aspiration for living free. She studied and graduated in Paris as an architect before her adult life took her to the forest in Canada. As a mother of three and a self-made entrepreneur, accompanied by her Canadian husband, her personal quest led her on an inner exploration through meditation, personal development and a focus on living a simple and healthy life. Her paintings concurrently started to emerge as she found her way back to the ‘wild’.

Gaia built a successful career in a short 10 year period, and now is also a creativity coach and a business coach as well as a mentor for anyone willing to ignite their creativity or their art career. As an advocate for personal and societal change she is also a motivational speaker inspiring others to live a fulfilling, healthy, life where their own unique talents can flourish. With her creativity she has found her way of sharing and connecting deeply with people.

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