6. Michael Schwartz – A Passion for Integral Art

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Michael Schwartz is an art historian, art critic, philosopher and author who earned his doctorate at Columbia University and presently teaches at  Augusta University in the Department of Art and Design. He is co-founding executive officer of the Comparative and Continental Philosophy Circle which is an international professional organization with both a peer-reviewed journal and book series.

Michael has curated and commented on over 50 online integral art galleries at IntegralLife.com. He has publishes work on the topics of art history, art criticism, art education, continental philosophy, comparative spirituality, critical social theory, integral theory, critical realism, comparative metatheory. He is currently co-authoring Dancing with Sophia –the first professional academic volume on integral as philosophy. The book is coming out autumn 2019.

I really appreciate Michael’s sensitivity toward the true, the good and the beautiful and how he uses the lens of integral philosophy to explore the processes of art creating, art exhibiting, art viewing, art experiencing as a whole. He integrates elegantly art history, social critic, philosophy and spirituality to invite us to profoundly expand and deepen our experience of the aesthetic.

In this episode I am sure you will love Michael’s evident passion for the subject of integral art. I  liked the art that he recommends to us at the end of the interview… particularly his view on the TV series Mad Men! He explains how some pieces of art ‘are not necessarily exploring the highest developmental stages that are available to us, not ignoring shadow and narrating the changing lives of people in a specific historical context. Mad Men gives us a sense that even an advertising commercial can be an expression of genuine connective post modern love!’


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Transformational Art

Art resources that Michael says we should know about:


Visual Art

Raphael’s Stanza Della Segnatura, 1508-1511

Frescoes at the Vatican



Satyagraha – Music by Philip Glass

Rudolf Nureyev – Music by Stravinsky



Show Notes

Here is the link to purchase Michael’s recent book co-written with  Sean Esbjörn-Hargens : Dancing With Sophia

Dancing with Sophia explores the philosophical dimensions and implications of integral theory.

Dancing with Sophia is the first book of essays to focus on the philosophical dimensions and implications of integral theory. A metatheory that organizes first order theories and disciplines into higher order modes of knowing and insight needed to address the complexity of today’s world, integral theory has already impacted a wide range of disciplines, from psychology to business to religious studies to art. Included here are perspectives by scholars in the continental, comparativist, and process traditions who dive into integral theory’s postmetaphysical claims in order to mine, extend, and critique its philosophical merits. On the verge of its own emergence, integral philosophy promotes modes of creative critical thought oriented towards the multidimensional flourishing of planetary well-being, and Dancing with Sophia will be of interest to scholars in philosophy; religious studies; transpersonal, developmental, and humanist psychology; and more.

To read In the Spirit of Wholeness: Integral Art and its Enchantment Aesthetic (2015 exhibition catalog essay):

To read Michael’s award winning essay on integral art Prolegomena to Art’s Transdisciplinarity:

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