5. Mark Henson – Art of Conscious Evolution

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Mark Henson was born and raised in Northern California. In 1973, he graduated from the University of California with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art. He has been a professional artist ever since. He has co-founded several gallery ventures, traveled extensively in Asia and elsewhere, and now operates Sacred Light Studio from his home and farm out in the country north of San Francisco where he grows fruits, berries and art. He maintains a small artist’s retreat in Costa Rica.

Mark Henson is also one of the pioneers of Live Painting in the festival scene, and enjoys interacting with other artists in collaborative projects, whether planned or improvised. HIs work has appeared in shows all over the world including museum shows, particularly at the American Visionary Art in Baltimore.

Over the years he was worked with several art “collectives”, notably Tribe 13 on the West coast, Moksha Family Art Collective in MIami, and Dreams and Divinities internationally.

He has given workshops and lectures in many places. This includes COSM in New York, which is the centre of well known visionary artist ALex Grey’s and at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in Austria.

Mark  says he believes that art can have the ability to catalyze positive social and cultural changes. In addition to stimulating our visual cortex, Art has the amazing magical power to evoke profound emotional intensity as well as to provoke intellectual thinking. His aspiration as an artist is to create compelling images of beauty and power that serve to promote our Conscious Evolution as human beings, and to show us how to live in a peaceful world. To this end he presents images exploring themes of Awakening Consciousness, Divine Sexuality, Political Realities and Living in Harmony with Nature.

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