14. Halea Isabelle Kala – The New Now

Apr 29, 2020Activist, Curator, Film director, Visual Artist0 comments

Halea Isabelle Kala is from Berlin. She is an artist, a curator, a director and a cultural producer. She recently put out a documentary called Transmodernity which is so timely with the global event of our times. Her movie is really a piece of art in itself and it has been presented in numerous film festivals around the world. 

I invite you now to listen to our discussion where we talk about art, intersecting fields, how we can overcome individual and collective trauma, about our connection to Mother Earth and especially about the skill of elasticity in our capacity to adapt to the new emerging grounds that are before us

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Facebook @haleaisabellekala

Instagram @haleaisabellekala

Transformational Art

Art resources that Halea says we should know about:


Visual Art

Amy Lee , check her art at www.instagram.com/amylee_originals/



EXODOS – A dance theatre piece by Sasha Waltz


TRANSMODERNITY – Halea’s most recent documentary about this time of transition. Watch the full movie here www.transmodernity.org


The Unbearable Lightness of Being by  Milan Kundera

Show Notes

Halea mentioned the book The listening Society by Hanzi Freinacht

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