Gordon Wood – Beauty as an Evolutionary Force

Jul 15, 2019Visual Artist0 comments

Gordon is one of these people that I feel is very well rounded and highly developed as a human being and that is clearly transmitted through his organic paintings.

Gordon and I know each other’s via the group of integral artists from www.integrallife.org. This is the site of well-respected American philosopher Ken Wilber. Although I am not calling this podcast ‘Integral Art Podcast’ I feel that the core theme is entirely informed by integral thought. Listening to this episode will give you insights about why I feel this philosophy can transform our way of seeing life and ultimately assist us on the journey of growing up and waking up.


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Essay on Beauty by Gordon Wood

Beauty by Gordon Wood    © 2019

Beauty equals, retains, and emphasizes truth, and connection to subtlety and the sublime through its presence.  Beauty expands the relationship of the soul to spirit and beyond through increased awareness, openness, and perception.  Beauty embodies the very drive, creative and evolutionary of the Kosmos toward greater depth and expanding consciousness in the witness, beholder and through empathic capacities. Beauty embraces us in the timeless now by suspending the other chatter in our brains, creating space to be present in the moment. The freedom of non-duality sustains beauty and truth. Beauty nurtures growth, inspires, and confirms all the potential in the Kosmos.  Beauty has meaning.  Decay – entropy is inevitable, unavoidable, and regenerative.  One can’t have beauty without decay; they go hand in hand, the Yin and the Yang, the Wabi Sabi. My vision and objective is to be a warrior for sustainable beauty, transcendence, and transformation via translation of all that this wondrous Kosmos provides through my actions and art. 

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