Evelyne Toromanian – Art, Sex and Money

Aug 15, 2019Coach, Visual Artist4 comments

Evelyne Toromanian is from France, she describes herself as a Visionary Artist, a Sacred Sound Channel, a Creative and Orgasmic Midwife-Mentor for business and art. 

Evelyne says that for years, it was difficult to accept that she could live from her art and from her passion for the creation process.  

She had big 2 haha moments that changed everything: Her first art exhibition and the first time she led her orgasmic and creative master class in connexion with nature.

She now guides Artists and Creative Leaders to make possible the impossible…to turn what we imagine into a reality and then to offer it to the world.

Visit her website and connect with her:



Email: evelyne@lesartsdesames.com 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lesArtsdesames

 Instagram: @evelynetoromanianartiste

Transformational Art

Art resources that Evelyne says we should know about:



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