7. Edith Lassiat – Let your Talent Shine

Oct 9, 2019Art Critic, Coach, Curator0 comments

This conversation with Edith Lassiat is an uplifting one. She encourages each one of us to not waste time, to follow our heart and develop our unique talent. Edith is from France, she is a keynote speaker, an award winning author, and a corporate life coach. Edith likes to joke that she is 120 years old because she had quite a few interesting careers. She dedicated 20 years to international marketing for luxury brands (Cartier, Yves St Laurent, etc.), and most interesting to us today she spent 20 years as an international artist, an art journalist and an art critic. Her passion is: people, awakening, art and anything that assist each one to connect to their talent.

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Transformational Art

Art resources that Edith says we should know about:


Visual Art

Music & Performance

Muse in Rome



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