11. Bruce Rimell – Cognition, the Sacred and the Art of Not Knowing

Dec 19, 2019Researcher, Visual Artist0 comments

Bruce Rimell finds himself in no artistic category (between outsider, visionary, anthropologist, queer, sacred and graffiti art!) and defines himself with the Greek word ‘Aporia’ which means ‘don’t know mind’. He is an internationally-exhibited visual artist, poet and independent researcher.

His research specializes in the cognitive science of religion, the origins of symbolic culture in the African Middle Palaeolithic and the cognitive foundations of artistic experience.

Bruce was born and raised in the county of Wiltshire, it’s a landscape full of megalithic magic and he explains how this landscape helped him retained a sense of animism and wonder that we all experience as children.

For as long as he can remember he has suffered with migraines that have a visionary nature. I find Bruce interesting because he shares these experiences with a very scientific neurological approach and he often says that this is what drives him to explore the origins of both humanity and the universe.


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Transformational Art

Art resources that Bruce says we should know about:


Visual Art

Bushman Rock Art from South Africa



Show Notes

During our conversation Bruce mentioned the book of Pascal Boyer ‘Religion Explained: The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought ‘ – Bruce told me in an email after our talk that it’s not a great title but a great book.

He also added that the French title ‘Et L’Homme Créa Les Dieux’ (And man created humans) is a much better title!

You will also find below the link to Anna Luke’s conference:

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