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Aug 1, 2019Visual Artist0 comments

Blake Richardson lives in Peterborough, near Toronto, and his work is not only deeply inspired by our rich Canadian landscape but is entirely connected to the spirit of nature itself.

I feel that Blake is a really important artist for our times and this is why I want to invite him on this podcast. His EarthArt imagery serves as an exercise to encourage and inspire others to stay open and receptive. He attempts to raise awareness that what we see is a reflection of ourselves and when we see ourselves reflecting in nature we strengthen our connection to the Earth.

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 Instagram: @blakerichardson1312

Transformational Art

Art resources that Blake says we should know about:



Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a 2010 3D documentary film by Werner Herzog about the Chauvet Cave in southern France, which contains the oldest human-painted images yet discovered. Some of them were crafted around 32,000 years ago.

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