15. Sperry Andrews – Unity Consciousness

Aug 5, 2020Film director, Researcher, Visual Artist0 comments

Sperry Andrews is an artist but he is foremost a scientist and founder/director of the Human Connection Institute. He and a team of international researchers have found irrefutable evidence that the whole of humanity, every man, woman, and child, is linked both psychologically and physiologically by our innate capacity for being – collectively – conscious. In collaboration with neuroscientists and film producers, he is working on creating easily accessible experiences of oneness to give a unity experience to anyone willing to participate.

Sperry has given presentations on human interconnectedness and his institute’s projects at the United Nations, World Business Academy, Duke University, University of Connecticut, U.C. Berkeley, and the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. His articles have appeared in Cosmos and History, Kosmos Journal, Frontier Perspectives, Alternative Therapies and Exceptional Human Experience.

Our discussion will take you ‘in the field’ as Sperry transmits a state of unity consciousness so well through sharing his experiences and visions for global awakening. 


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Transformational Art

Below are the art resources that Sperry might like us to know about.

First, discover his artwork:





Show Notes

Here are the different items that Sperry mentioned during the interview and also recommend you to check out:

  • Book: Andrews, Sperry. (2020) “Resolving the Three Great Mysteries: Consciousness, free will, and God.” Aspects of Consciousness: Theoretical, Spiritual, Anomalous, Experiential. Editor James E. Beichler. Proceedings of the 42nd Annual ASCSI Conference, October 2018. Amazon Kindle Books
  • Magazine: Sage to Scientist eMagazine www.issuu.com/sciencetosage/docs/sperry_s_article 



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