Art for a Peaceful and Flourishing World

Creating Culture

This podcast discusses art for a peaceful and flourishing world. In the past writers, musicians, artists and philosophers congregated in cafés in Paris, New York and London to meet and discuss new ideas. Together they created culture.

Today we don’t limit our circles to local cafés. A relatively new technology makes our world much bigger and allows us to connect with people who specifically understand us from all over the world. I am hoping to connect further with my artistic tribe by creating this new podcast.

Art Can Transform Us Deeply

This podcast is for anyone interested in art as well as personal and societal change. Artists, art professionals, curators, museum staff and directors, producers, art writers and art collectors are invited to talk about how art can transform us deeply.

Humanity is facing great challenges. No one will contest that a global shift is happening. What keeps me optimistic when it seems that there is no reason to be so, is that many people are coming up with solutions in far ranging fields: from deep ecology, social justice, conscious politic, alternative economy, sacred activism and many other areas.

Art inevitably has a role to play to create the culture that will support a radically new paradigm that is ahead of us. This is what I want to talk about.

I had the pleasuring of facilitating a panel on Integral Art and Aesthetics at the Integral Europe Conference 2016 in Hungary. Gaia Orion was one of the featured experts on the panel and brought a lively, intelligent and passionate consideration to the topic. Participants were visibly moved by her engaging presentation style.

Suzanne Anderson

Author, Thought Leader, Speaker and Coach, The Way of the Mysterial Woman

Gaia is a confident, personal and peaceful leader with an empowering meditative style and a ready laughter that is freeing.

She communicates a deep understanding of the Universe and the interconnected nature of reality in both her visual works and leadership. She is an important teacher in these evolutionary times.

Carol Kilby

Owner of Gaia Farm House Retreat Centre.

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